Grant Garrison provides elite service as a Web Host, Designer, Developer, SEO Specialist and Contractor for Individuals, Small to Mid-Sized Businesses, Events (conventions, exhibits trade shows) and other Corporate and Private Clients.

Corporate Planners, Project Managers, Small to Medium Companies call Grant Garrison because he is a renowned, nationwide, seasoned Web Developer who is a team player, with 25+ years of experience in his area of expertise.

A2 (Audio Assist)

A2: Assisting the A1 with the setup and strike of the entire audio system. Set/strike of wireless-microphones, assembly of line arrays, running of cables and intercom systems; All show environments.

Camera Operator

Building and operating all fixed broadcast/studio configured cameras, regardless of lens configuration; In General Session and large Breakout Room environments.

Computer Network Tech

Setting/striking and maintaining networks, servers, routers, printers and digital signage; Utilized in all show environments.

Computer Tech

Set/strike of basic computer systems (PC, MAC, Linux, iOS, Android); Utilized in all show environments.

LED Wall Tech

Assisting the LED Wall Programmer with the set/strike of LED walls; Assembly/disassembly of LED walls and patching of signal and power.

Project Manager

Proficient in pre-production, operations and management of crew and gear. The on-site Operations Manager and the liaison between the client and the crew. Interacts with venue management. From: meeting-room coordinator, general-exhibit coordinator, large-exhibit-booth coordinator to general-session-production manager.

Digital Media/Playback Pro Operator

Setup and operation of professional media playback systems, with a complete understanding of Playback Pro and other digital playback systems. Operate, manage and execute encoding and playback cues. Set up and maintain all specified recordings during show, as well as label and deliver all digital media after show.

Technical Director

Specialized in the cueing, calling, routing and switching of the cameras.


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