Grant Garrison provides elite service as an audio visual contractor, staff and crew member(s) for live corporate events, conventions, exhibits, presentations, conferences, trade shows, special events, and other corporate environments.

Corporate event planners, convention managers, trade show planners, and event video production companies call Grant Garrison because he is a renowned, nationwide, seasoned audio visual technician who is a team player, with years of experience in his area of expertise.

Camera Operator

Building and operating all fixed broadcast/studio configured cameras, regardless of lens configuration; In General Session and large Breakout Room environments.


Carpenter: Set/Strike of all staging, sets and props. I/We have ALL necessary Carpentry tools to complete ANY assignment and can be utilized in all show environments.


Labor Coordinator

Checking in/out of all techs, distribution and management of the entire crew. Assisting with any additions, changes and/or cancelations throughout the entire event. Perfect for events with crews of 18+, or by request.

Show Director

Oversee the entire show, ensuring effecient and cohesive comunication between all departments, in addition to calling show cues; Participate in script creation and show planning.

Working Lead

Perfect for a crew of 10-17 technicians; Act as general liaison to the on-site Project Manager and the Crew Office; Facilitate the check-in/out of crew, and other duties as assigned.

Camera Operator (Hand-Held)

Hand-Held Camera Operator: Non-fixed position, primarily used in the General Session and large Breakout Room environments.

Scenic Artist

Advanced Carpentry for the corporate Audio-Visual Industry. I/We have 25+ years in the industry working in this environment either on the trade show floor building exhibit booths, working in ballrooms designing and/or assisting the lead carpenter in the mantle and dismantling of scenic set pieces, or in theaters and stages building or creating sets.

Project Manager

Proficient in pre-production, operations and management of crew and gear. The on-site Operations Manager and the liaison between the client and the crew. Interacts with venue management. From: meeting-room coordinator, general-exhibit coordinator, large-exhibit-booth coordinator to general-session-production manager.

Technical Director

Specialized in the cueing, calling, routing and switching of the cameras.

Special F/x

Pyro, Practical, Creature, Puppeteering, Suit Work, Weapons, Stunts