PORTFOLIO: Packaging

Grandmother’s Healing

These all natural products were created by Dr. Becky Tanner NMD, and together we designed the product packaging, marketng materials, videos, blog, website and branding for the whole line.

Check out the website at www.grandmothershealing.com


The Monroe Institute

Hemi-Sync Products

Hired by Master Rep Marketing, I redesigned and rebranded The Monroe Institute’s Logo and Packaging for the Top 11 Titles in their “Hemi-Sync” Catalog of products, as well as various marketing materials, ads, and packaging mock-ups. 

Hemi-Sync is a trademarked brand name for a patented process used to create audio patterns containing binaural beats, which are commercialized in the form of audio CDs. Interstate Industries Inc., created by Hemi-Sync founder Robert Monroe, is the owner of the Hemi-Sync technology. 

SAMSUNG: Cocktail’98

SAMSUNG: Jet Audio Plus


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